Top 5 best web hosting services for bloggers

All website owners and bloggers are looking for the best web hosting services for their sites, blogs and e-stores. But the lack of sufficient experience and knowledge in the field of web hosting is a hindrance to that. Choosing the best hosting company is one of the problems that they face; especially at the beginning of their career in creating and managing websites.

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All website owners and bloggers are looking for the best web hosting services for their sites, blogs and e-stores. But the lack of sufficient experience and knowledge in the field of web hosting is a hindrance to that. Choosing the best hosting company is one of the problems that they face; especially at the beginning of their career in creating and managing websites. Good web hosting can give your website a boost, improve its position in search results, and improve user experience.

On the contrary, we find that poor hosting service affects your organization very negatively; Imagine that there is a visitor who wants to buy a product from your store or is looking for more information about your business or company, and suddenly your website stops! Or the site is too slow. What this potential customer would do is that they go to another site or store competing with you. But your site gave them a bad feeling and most likely they will not visit your site again! Thus you lose a potential customer not to mention that your site’s ranking in search engine; results is affected as a direct result of the high bounce rate.

Which One?

Picking a hosting service is not an easy thing, as it is not simply buying a product or commodity from the grocery or the commercial market. Rather something that needs wisdom in choosing and great care because your site will be greatly affected by your choice. Bad hosting may lead to the collapse of your project! Although it may be difficult for you to choose a good hosting on your own, this article is here to help. And that is through what we publish in this guide that contains the best web hosting companies so that it is easy for you to choose the best hosting for you that suits your site needs and your budget as well.

1. Bluehost

Bluehost, the most famous hosting giant that enjoys the confidence of customers from all over the world, which holds a large share of the hosting market with 2 million customers on the servers of the Bluehost company, and you cannot search for the best web hosting company, nor is the Bluehost hosting company.

Within the list of best-hosting sites; One of the first web hosting companies that were interested in developing the company’s servers to improve the services it provides to its customers and increasing the speed and efficiency of the company’s servers led to a significant increase in the company’s sales, so BlueHost was the first choice for many. It is really wonderful in Bluehost hosting to pay attention to developing. Its infrastructure to achieve the best possible performance for their hosting speed. So the company was one of the first companies to introduce SSD disks to its servers. Which are very fast in comparison, SSD discs are 300% faster than HDD disks.

Affordable web hosting is what all beginners are looking for to reduce start-up costs in building an e-business; Therefore, Bluehost takes this into account and provides acceptable prices for its various services in exchange for the quality it provides. That is why Bluehost puts this into consideration and provides acceptable prices for its various services in exchange for the quality provided by the hosting company Bluehost, in all the web hosting plans it offers starting from hosting Shared, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, full servers.

2. Dreamhost

DreamHost is one of the oldest and largest global web hosting companies. Also it’s a private American hosting company that was established in 1996, making it one of the oldest hosting companies. DreamHost was founded by a group of students at a university in California, USA. The company has more than 400,000 customers and hosts more than 1.5 million websites on its servers.
The company offers a variety of hosting services, including shared hosting, VPS, full servers, and WordPress hosting. In addition, the company offers domain registration and registration services, CDN, and DreamCompute cloud computing. DreamHost’s hosting response speed is high compared to the average of other hosting companies.
One of the most important advantages of DreamHost hosting is its very low hosting downtime. The company guarantees that the site will operate 100%, meaning that it will never stop, and this is almost impossible. And most other hosting companies say that the working time guarantee is 99.99%, but most of them do not. But DreamHost ensures that your site works all the time and says that if your site stops working, it will compensate you for this downtime. Meaning that if your site stops, the company will give you a longer hosting period as compensation.

3. Host Gator

One of the most famous web hosting companies is HostGator due to its large customer base. It is characterized by its low hosting prices and provides unlimited resources.

HostGator was established in 2002 and was acquired by the EIG Group in 2012 for $ 225 million, and the company hosts more than 10 million websites on its servers. The company from time to time improves the quality of its services in order to compete with other web hosting companies and to satisfy their customers. Recently, the company introduced Cloud Hosting, which has shown very high performance and is much better than regular shared hosting. so it is better to use cloud hosting from HostGator instead of shared hosting.

HostGator has many advantages to consider; The support for the C-Panel control panel is one of its most important features that help beginners. This is because C-Panel supports the Arabic language. Thus facilitates dealing and does not need experience in addition to providing its explanations. Whether by video on YouTube or through a photo explanation. The ease of installing WordPress, so if you are a beginner and do not have any experience in managing websites. You can install a WordPress script with one click so that your site will start working. After choosing the appropriate template for your site’s activity and the same thing with the scripts Drupal and Joomla.

HostGator Web Hosting

4. Hostinger

Hostinger is a European web hosting company, considered to be one of the cheapest paid hosting companies. And in recent years it has become very popular. Hostinger was founded in 2011, but that year was not the real beginning. The company’s first seed was in 2004. In Lithuania under the name “Hosting Media” and it was later renamed to its current name “Hostinger”.

Although Hostinger is a premium paid hosting company as it is known, it also owns 000webhost. It is a well known free web hosting company. In addition to owning many subsidiary companies in a number of countries. Even with a low price Hostinger provides with high-speed loading. Any slow loading of the site is a missed opportunity or a potential customer. Forty percent of website visitors will leave if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds to load a page.

Therefore, you must make sure that your site works as quickly as possible. We are in the era of femtoseconds and most visitors will not wait for a slow site load. But rather they will click on the back button in the browser and go to another site. Hostinger uses a bunch of good technologies that speed up hosting, such as SSD storage, cache manager, PHP7, Cloud Linux.

5. A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting is one of the best web hosting companies which deserved to be ranked higher on this list. You have often never heard of this company before. But don’t worry you are not alone; There are many who have not heard of this company before, considering one of the most powerful hosting companies. It’s characterized by very high speed and features that helped it be able to compete with the best web hosting service providers.

A2 company uses a hard disk of the type of SSD. Its advantages are that it’s faster than the type of normal hard disk HDD. Another feature that the company uses is the cache system or what is known as the automatic storage. Some of your website data on the visitors’ browser during their visits to your site. This reduces the pressure on the server while they are browsing next time it increases the speed of downloading the website data and also reduces the amount of bandwidth consumed.

The importance of this factor is evident in the fact that your site does not stop while visitors browse its contents due to Downtime, the time of stopping hosting, in the search for visitors to the site that is full of many hardships and tasks that the owners of websites perform, none of them likes to drop the site at the moment that visitors are present Because of the hosting.

Bottom Line

Certainly, your visit to this page means that you are looking for the best hosting for your website or blog. In order to be able to choose the best hosting, you must first determine the needs of your site and then search for the best hosting for your website and your budget as well. Do not choose the cheapest hosting at the expense of hosting quality and strength. Also, do not choose a very powerful hosting while your site is in its infancy and does not require large hosting resources. In short, you have to balance your site’s needs with your budget as well.

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