Amazon Affiliate Program: Everything You Should Know

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Is Amazon Affiliate right for you?

Are you a beginner who is looking for making a living online? Amazon affiliate program is a great way to start. You can earn money through this program. It is basically an associate program which pays you money for promoting their products on your blogs and websites. All you have to do is to sign up as an affiliate marketer, start promoting their products on your websites and in return you will earn commission for each sale.


You can become an amazon affiliate and start earning money through amazon affiliate marketing in four simple steps that I have explained below.

Create a blog or Website: For Amazon Affiliate 

The first step is creating your own blog, website or a YouTube channel. If you already have a blog or a website, then you can skip this step. If you don’t then continue reading. It is very important that you populate your blog with content so that its authenticity can proved in front of Amazon and users. The website should have a decent audience as it will help you a lot as an affiliate marketer. The relation between a large audience and more sales is quite simple. The more the audience you have, the more are your chances of succeeding. The thing you should keep in mind is that you will have to describe the purpose of your website during the application process. So, come up with something unique and useful. You must also keep in mind the target audience and the methods you will bring in the traffic with.

Create your Amazon Associates account:

After you are done creating your blog, it’s time to create a amazon associate account. For doing this, go to amazon associates home page. Clicking on “Join Now For Free” will direct you to a page from where you can create a new account or log into your existing one. After signing into your amazon account, click on “New Customer” and follow the directions.

“Enter the account information”:

On this page, enter the account information. This information also includes the name, address and phone number of the payee.

“Enter Website Address”:

After that enter the address of your website, blog or YouTube channel.

“Enter the store ID”:

Type in the store ID. The store ID is usually same as the name of your website. Then explain your hopes through the website and choose the amazon topics your links will target.

“Explain how you drive traffic”:

Then explain how you bring audience to your website, how you generate money from your site, how you create the links and also tell the number of visitors that come to your website each month.

“Type your phone number”:

The next step is to verify a four-digit code that Amazon will tell you through a phone call. Once you enter the code, your account will be approved.

“Choose payment method”:

You will be asked to choose the payment method. You can also perform this step later.

After you are done with all the steps, you will be sent to your dashboard where you will see the summary of your earnings, clicks and etc. You will use this dashboard for linking products from your content.

How to Create Amazon Affiliate link:

You can earn handsome amount of money through affiliate marketing. The most important step is creating your affiliate link. Let me discuss how you can create your affiliate links in the following:

  • Login to your amazon account.
  • From the top banner, click on product linking and choose product links. This will take you to a page where you can create your links.
  • Then add the ASIN of the product. ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. It is a 10-character code assigned by amazon to the products for verification in amazon’s catalog. You can see the ASIN code in the information section of product’s amazon listing.
  • Then click on the “Go” button. This will generate a page where you can verify that this the product you have intended to promote.
  • After than click on the “Get Link” button on the right side. This will copy your link to clipboard which you can use for promotion.

You can also use amazon associates SiteStripe to generate the affiliate links. It is a simple way of creating affiliate links.

Why Choose Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon affiliate program is a great way to earn money online. You can earn money by recommending your users to buy products from amazon. If a user buys using your affiliate link then you will earn up-to 10% commission. The program sets a cookie in the user’s browser and if the user buys within the life span of cookie, you will earn money. It is a brilliant program for both beginners as well as bloggers with decent traffic on their websites.


Here in this article, we discussed about amazon affiliate program, how you can join it and how you can earn money from it. We also discussed the process of creating affiliate links. We also discussed reasons why you should choose this program. I hope that all of your doubts were cleared. For a free 10 page e-book explaining How To Build an Amazon Niche Site That Makes $1,000/month in 5 months click here.

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ClickFunnels: How it can help your business?

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

What is ClickFunnels?

Do you have a strong entrepreneurial mind and a unique business idea for selling your products online? But you lack coding and design skills. Well don’t worry because you no longer have to hire the technology experts because ClickFunnels is here to save the day for you. It is a tool that can help you market and sell your products online quicker and faster. It is very difficult for a single person to possess skills like coding, designing and marketing at the same time. This is where click funnels comes very handy. It lets you create your own beautiful landing pages. You can also setup email responders on your pages. Using click funnels, you can easily automate your entire sales process.


This software can help you rank your website in the search results. Before talking about ClickFunnels in more detail, it is very important that I put light on the importance of developing a sales funnel for your online business. When you are selling products in-person, it is very important find the right client and build a good connection with your potential buyer. You also have to highlight the value of your product as it increases the chances of getting more sales. But doing all of this in-person requires great struggle whereas doing all of this online require coding, designing and marketing skills. But due to the presence of click funnels, you no longer have to be a jack of all trades because you can build your sales funnel is just three simple steps which I have mentioned in the following:
You need to choose from a variety of pre-designed templates for your product.
Then select the page design according to your preferences.
And the last step is to make all the necessary changes before finalizing and publishing your page.

ClickFunnels Is Easy!

ClickFunnels is like a plug and play setup for building your sales funnel. Gone are the days when you had to sit with web developers for hours explaining them the design you need. Because with ClickFunnels in the market, its just a matter of minutes creating your own sales funnel. The pre-designed templates play a vital role in succeeding your B2B or B2C businesses online. Alongside letting you create your own sales funnel, it also provides some other extra ordinary features as well.

How can ClickFunnels help your business?

Creating a sales funnel is a very difficult and time taking process but Click funnel has made it super easy. You can manage everything using a single platform. You can setup everything on your landing using the ClickFunnels.
The following tasks I have explained have become very much easier due to ClickFunnels.

Website Hosting:

You can easily manage your website hosting using click Funnel.
Landing Page Design:
As we have already discussed earlier, you can create beautiful landing pages using the tool.

more information about webhosting here.

A/B Testing: Using the ClickFunnels, you can easily setup the A/B testing.

Email Autoresponder: You can create automatic email responses that can help your business attract more visitors.

Affiliate Management: It can fulfil all your affiliate management needs.
Integrated Payment Methods:
You can use integrated payment systems such as PayPal and Stripe.

Training Materials:

Very helpful training materials are also provided by ClickFunnels.

Cost-Effective: Its cost effectiveness is the biggest trait behind its huge success. We will be discussing more about ClickFunnels cost later in the article.
That is not it, click funnel can also help you create your own affiliate program for your website.

ClickFunnels Cost:

The standard click funnel plan costs $97 whereas the premium package costs $297 per month. You can gain access to all the features by joining the ClickFunnels. These features include:

  1. ClickFunnels– Small funnel builder.
  2. Simple webpage builder– Etison Editor
  3. Easy to use Affiliate systems – known as Backpack
  4. Actionetics– Follow up funnels

ClickFunnels member community

The click funnel is a highly cost-effective solution. Every business from small level to large level can buy click Funnels due to its reasonable price. You can start with a 14-Day free trial so you can make up your mind and after that it starts with $97 per month. The standard click funnel package, you can manage up to 20,000 visitors, 3 custom domains and up to 20 funnels. This is the best package if your business is based on a small scale. Whereas the platinum package has no limits. If you are looking to build unlimited number of funnels than you might want to scale up and choose the ClickFunnels etison suite package. This package costs $297 per month. Using this package, you can create unlimited number of funnels and pages. And you can handle any number of audiences much easier.

You can also manage a unlimited number of custom domains. I will recommend that you start with the small package first and once your business starts to get more traffic and you feel the need for building more funnels than you can switch to the Etison Package. And if you change your mind after signing up on ClickFunnel, you can leave it and no one will cost you any penalties. So, it is simply a win-win situation in any case.

What Else Does Clickfunnels offer?

The top affiliates can share funnel feature to add more funnels to their accounts. You will also gain access to an email autoresponder by subscribing to the platinum plan using the follow up funnels feature. You can setup action funnels using the follow up funnel features to send automatic responses to the emails you receive. In addition to these features, you will also gain access to the Click Funnel’s affiliate system if you subscribe to the Etison program. So, you can create your own affiliate programs and boost up your sales. And the last but not the least, is the newest edition to the ClickFunnel packages, known as ClickFunnels collective plans.

This plan gives you access to all the features in just a surprising price of $1497 per month. This plan will get you access to live phone call support, funnel frameworks access and the funnel fix all access pass as well. In addition to all these features, you will also get access to 4 live events including the 2 comma club momentum events, the inner circle cruise and the unlock the secrets events. There was also a small purchase plan available at a very cheap rate. This plan costed only $19 per month. It was called share funnel plan. But unfortunately, this plan has been discontinued and is no longer available.

How the value is worth it?

I can assure you that the value is worth more than the monthly price. Because in just $197, you will gain access to a number of features including A/B testing, landing page creation, pre-designed templates and many more. Plus, you will also be able to manage a number of audience and web hosting. Click funnel will also help you to easily get your website ranked on the search results. So, in every case, the value is totally worth the monthly price.


We discussed the different features click funnel provides and we also discussed the features that can help you boost up your sales. I hope that all of your doubts about sale funnel strategy and click funnels were cleared and a sense of comfortability must have been created in your mind after reading this article. Just know that you will have a great time using the ClickFunnel. Meet you in the next article, till then keep boosting your sales using click funnels.

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5 Creative Ways to Make Money Online

You might have heard your friends talking about making money online and come across some articles claiming to educate you about online earning, but unfortunately, they always contain bogus content.

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Making money online is not impossible, and you might have heard your friends talking about ways to make money online and come across some articles claiming to educate you about online earning, but unfortunately, they always contain bogus content. Don’t worry as today we are going to discuss 5 creative ways to make money online. So, buckle up and chill up your mood because this article is going to help you start making money online.

Tired of your 9 to 5 job? Are you a college student who wants to become independent? Freelancing should be your first stop. Freelancing is working from the comfort of your couch and providing your services online all over the world. Do you have a skill which can solve people’s problems? You can provide your services on different online freelancing marketplaces. For instance, if you are a graphic designer you can provide services like logo designing, creating posters and the list goes on and on. And it is not necessary to possess a digital skill in order to work as a freelancer, you can become a virtual assistant for companies or you can translate some language to others and earn money.

How does it make money online?

These creative ways to make money online is quite simple and easy because all you need to do is just sign up on any freelancing platform. People have posted their projects there. You will have to send proposals for projects and if your proposal is accepted, you will be granted the work and on successful delivery, you will earn money. Freelance websites like Up Work and Guru work this way. Whereas some marketplaces like Fiverr works by a different mechanism.

On these kinds of sites, you will have to publish your services instead of Employers posting their projects. If a potential client likes your service, he will place an order and on successful completion of work, you will get your money. Simple, right? Freelancing is one of the best ways if you want to make money online. You can earn thousands of dollars as a freelancer. Only the sky is the limit. Your determination and hard work will decide your future as a freelancer.

Fiverr Start Making Money Online

2. Blogging

5 Creative Ways to Make Money Online
Make Money Online As A Blogger

Whats CPC?

These ads are called CPC ads. CPC is the abbreviation of “Cost Per Click”. The CPC is fixed by the advertiser. Another way to earn as a blogger is to promote businesses and individuals on your blogs. Once your blog generates decent traffic businesses will contact you for promoting them on your blog through ads. But as a beginner, I will recommend you to start with the Google AdSense platform as it is easy to implement.

3. YouTube

5 Creative Ways to Make Money Online
Make Money Online As A Youtuber

As we are talking about creative ways to make money online, we cannot forget the importance of YouTube. You can earn money by creating a channel on YouTube. The channel ideas are not limited these days. You can create a channel on the topic of your interest. It can be anything from technology to cooking recipes. You will have to upload videos on your channel. Your videos should be SEO friendly so as it helps in ranking on YouTube.

How Do You Make Money online?

One way to earn money as a YouTuber is by joining YouTube’s monetization program. Once your channel meets the requirement for the program, you can apply and on the approval of your application, YouTube will start to display ads in your videos. If a user watches the complete ad or 30 seconds (based on how long the ad is) or if the user clicks on the ad you will earn money. People are making a handsome amount on YouTube. YouTube’s monetization program is quite similar to Google AdSense. And the other way to earn income as a YouTuber is by branding different products and businesses in your videos. Once your channel reaches a good audience, companies will reach out to you and offer you money for promoting their products and business on your channel. You can earn a fairly large amount through these brandings.

4. Social Media Marketing

5 Creative Ways to Make Money Online
Make Money Online As A social media marketer

As we are discussing ways to earn extra cash online, we cannot write off the importance of Social Media Marketing. It is a skill that is emerging very highly. During this period of Covid-19, every business from small to large scale has suffered and is finding it hard to survive and in such circumstances, the importance of social media marketing has risen very much. You can offer services as a social media marketer and help businesses with all their marketing needs on social media platforms like Facebook, Quora, etc. Marketing on social media can bring a huge audience to brands.

How Do You Make Money online?

SMM is basically a type of digital marketing. You can earn money by promoting brands to your followers on different platforms. You can post text, images, videos, and any medium of communication available for the promotion. But before starting as a social media marketer, it is very important to develop a working strategy. You should always keep these four things in mind before starting.
1) Decide your ultimate goal. What do you want to achieve as a result of the SMM campaign?
2) Always keep your target audience in mind.
3) Get know-how about how your target audience uses social media.
4) What messages do you want to communicate to your audience through your campaign?

Social Media Marketing has many advantages. It can increase the website’s traffic and it is very useful when you want to engage more audience to your blog. SMM also creates awareness about the brand. There is no rocket science behind SMM. You just simply have to promote brands and businesses to your followers on social media platforms. I don’t see any reason why you would not want to start your career as a social media marketer. Give it a try!

5. Affiliate Marketing

5 Creative Ways to Make Money Online
Make Money Online As An Affiliate Marketer

Do you have a blog with decent traffic? Then what are you waiting for! Start promoting different websites, businesses, and brands on your blogs and earn money. As we have already discussed how you can earn money by promoting brands on your websites in the blogging section. But this is totally a different field and we will discuss affiliate marketing in detail here. Many websites like Wix, ShareASale, Shopify, etc offer affiliate programs. You just need to fill out an online application form to become an affiliate marketer.

How Do You Make Money?

How does it work? Let me explain it to you. After signing up for any affiliate program, the website will provide you with tools like affiliate links and advertisements which you will have to display on your blogs. And every time a user clicks on that link or ad and buys something from the website within the cookie period you will earn a commission.

Didn’t got the cookie part? Basically, when a user clicks on the affiliate link placed on your blog, a cookie is set in the user’s browser. This cookie stores the information about where the user was referred from. This cookie, usually has a lifetime of 90 days, but this period can vary based on the affiliate program provider. If the user buys a plan or a product within the aging time of the cookie, you will earn a commission. The commission rates vary based on the type of sale. The higher the plan user buys, the more the commission you will earn. And I can guarantee that you can earn a decent amount as an affiliate marketer and I am not lying.


We had a detailed discussion on how you can make money online. That was the 5 most creative ways to make money online. Also how you can start your career as a freelancer and earn money. I also shared the ways you can earn money through your blogs. Highlighted the importance of YouTube and its monetization plan and how you can start making money on YouTube. Also discussed the rise of social media marketing as an emerging skill and how you can be a part of this evolution and help out small to large-scale businesses. And we took a look at how affiliate programs work. How you can start as an affiliate marketer what should be your strategy and what are the commission rates. If you want more information about affiliate marketing I wrote an article on click funnels. More info. I hope this article cleared all your doubts about, online earning and have made you ready to earn your first dollars.

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Real Estate for dummies – The best way to become a millionaire?



Now people who invest in real estate whether it’s flipping, buying and holding, buying and renting, or wholesaling real estate know that these all are excellent strategies. The problem is most people don’t know how to get started and don’t know what to look for. When it comes to being an investor you must know specific things about the house in order to use it to your advantage.



Flipping real estate is when you buy a house for a low-end price usually through negotiating. Then you take that house and fix the problems which causes you to pour your own money into it. Now I’m not saying this is a problem but it is definitely something I don’t think you should just start out with as an amateur. If you have that kind of capital and are willing to either pay someone to do it or get down and dirty by yourself.


Buying and Holding

Now this one is self-explanatory but is also something that can get very complicated. So lets say for example you stumble by a lot of money or you saved it up and now you want to use that to make money. This is probably the best strategy for you, so lets say you own a house whether you paid it off cash or been paying it off for years the house is usually going to be worth more than what you bought it for ten years down the road due to inflation. This means that you can sell the house you bought for lets say 100,000 for 150,000 without having to even touching the house. Now imagine if with in those ten years you fixed it up and added new things to the house to boost the value that means you can sell it for as high as 200,000 depending on how much you put into it.



Now whole sailing gets a little complicated, but don’t get overwhelmed this allows you to make money real estate without a penny in your pocket. How this works in the most simplest form, you get a motivated seller who really needs to sell the house whether it’s because they need to move for their job, or someone passed and they need to get rid of the house. Once you found that person you will have to use negotiating skills to talk the person down the price of the house that way you can maximize your ROI. You will then get an attorney or someone who is able to write you a contract. This contract will give you partial ownership of the house and will give you a certain amount of business days to sell the house for cash. Once this is signed you find someone in the real estate business or someone who has a lot of capital and you pitch them this house you have partial ownership to. Then once you network with the right person and they are willing to buy the house you then sell the house for a higher price you purchased it for and keep the difference. Now I know you’re wondering “why wouldn’t I just get a real estate agent?” the problem with selling a house with an agent is that they want to sell the house for the most money now I know this sounds good but its to slow and takes to long in comparison to a wholesaler that if they have the right network could sell it with in a week.


How can this help you?

Starting out new

Now if you have never done real estate but was interested in getting started I have a free webinar available. This is full of information and will teach you everything you need to know about real estate that way you can retire early. Imagine if you could finally live the life you always wanted where you can do what ever you wanted to do anytime you wanted to do it. What if I told you this webinar can teach you exactly how to do that.



Now if you’re in the real estate business already then I have a program that can help you at the bottom of this page its a bird dog program that regardless of what you do in real estate this will help you. It allows you to selectively search through thousands of properties and pick the ones you need. All that you do is set up the preference in the search section and allows you too search through the MLS and get you the houses you’re looking for.

White Board Video Pack – The best way to advertise? REVIEW


What is it?

This video pack includes already made white board videos that are perfect for anyones business. Whether its some type of insurance agency, a locksmith, or even a real estate agent.

Why YOU should purchase

If you’re telling yourself “why do i need this?” or “I’m not a real estate agent” well what if I told you you could sell these videos to those types of people for $299 or $499 and make huge money. What if i told you that you can have this for just as low as 19.99 and comes with a bunch of bonuses.

My thoughts

I believe this product is great and deserves everyone to have access to it and how it can truly be used to create a huge amount of income. This product is so inexpensive but can has huge upside potential it is crazy I believe you should purchase this you won’t regret it. You can also edit the videos to have the owners personal logo or phone number so that the businesses could make it personal.


Any Business Owner want his business to look professional and he would love to have an affordable professional quality whiteboard animation video that will promote his business and will keep the viewers interested, entertained and engaged in the video till the end, at a fraction of the cost of what he would pay a typical video agency. I would personally give this a 4.7 out of  5 stars this is truly a great product and hope you enjoy.



what is Easy eStore Builder?

Easy eStore Builder gives your subscribers a Huge advantage over other Dropshipping and Affiliate eStore Builders with this ‘Point And Click’ premium Store building plugin that has all the features that users can use to create powerful affiliate eStores but also import, markup (increase price) and modify products from Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and Walmart into their own online store in minutes.



       With the power to create affiliate e-commerce stores or dropshipping stores,  you subscribers will absolutely fall in love with Easy eStore Builder!

       Your subscribers can now easily import products and its variations and sell at their choice prices.

       Everything can be done with a few clicks of the mouse… This is a full blown Affiliate and Dropshipping E-Commerce platform that will allow users to create their own E-Commerce Empire.

       With the power to create affiliate e-commerce stores or dropshipping stores,  you subscribers will absolutely fall in love with Easy eStore Builder!

       Your subscribers can now easily import products and its variations and sell at their choice prices.

       Everything can be done with a few clicks of the mouse… This is a full blown Affiliate and Dropshipping E-Commerce platform that will allow users to create their own E-Commerce Empire.


This is a great product and honestly more people should buy this can make you an automated business just by setting everything up. This is perfect for the person who has a job but wants to leave but just doesn’t have the time to build a website and find niches never mind messaging people about their shipments good thing this tool is out there to help people create a dream they truly deserve.


  • Front-end product is the Easy eStore Builder WP Plugin
    • Fixed price personal unlimited license $27
  • Upsell 1 is the Elite Package which includes the Easy eStore Builder WP Theme
    • Fixed price $47

and much more!!!

available=Friday July 6th At 10AM EST!



Project Dyno- best way to sell products? Review



       How is this product?

This is a beautiful and perfectly made product that allows you and helps you to sell products in a whole new way. The product has so much to offer and i believe allows you to definitely keep up with your competition. If you watched the video which i highly recommend this product is no joke and makes it so easy to set up.

      How does it work?

Once you get connected you can easily start right up in creating your account this involves getting all your info into the system. Once that is all set you can expect it to almost work automatic since the fact all that you have to focus on is creating traffic to your website.

      My Input

I believe this is a great product and honestly anyone who is looking to sell something or offer other kinds of services this would help greatly I would personally give this a 4.6 out of 5 stars  and do believe it is a great investment of coarse there are more levels such as basic level, advanced level and pro level each one offering more and better things. This product will be able to purchase on August 9th 2017.  sorry for the short post but i believe the demo video explains all the information you need to know.

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