Floyd Mayweather vs McGregor – how you too can hold up a 100 million dollar check



The boxing champion Floyd Mayweather had a lot to say to the UFC fighter Conor McGregor about money, about who is gonna win, and about just pure sportsmanship in general. Now both men are great at what they do and Conor has worked his ass of to get where he is today but on the other hand so did Mayweather now I’m not going to say who I think will win this fight but we all know this is gonna be a hell of a fight between these two champions.

Floyd Money

Now in this Floyed pulls out a check with $100,000,000 dollars on it now im not to sure what this means about the fight. Just because you have a check doesnt mean you are garenteed to win the fight. The thing is, alot of people wouldnt mind having this kind of money in their bank account. Also people would rather get it without having to beat someone in a boxing match.

How You Could Do It

Well if you look around my site you can find out lots of ways to make money ┬ábut what I am going to do today is make a simple list of things that you can go and try out for yourself if you’re interested in making some serious money. Of coarse you can go and view my other reviews and the bonuses I have to offer which might fit your needs just right i am still going to go ahead and list some exclusive products that are not on my page or dont have reviews.





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