Amazon Affiliate Program: Everything You Should Know

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Is Amazon Affiliate right for you?

Are you a beginner who is looking for making a living online? Amazon affiliate program is a great way to start. You can earn money through this program. It is basically an associate program which pays you money for promoting their products on your blogs and websites. All you have to do is to sign up as an affiliate marketer, start promoting their products on your websites and in return you will earn commission for each sale.


You can become an amazon affiliate and start earning money through amazon affiliate marketing in four simple steps that I have explained below.

Create a blog or Website: For Amazon Affiliate 

The first step is creating your own blog, website or a YouTube channel. If you already have a blog or a website, then you can skip this step. If you don’t then continue reading. It is very important that you populate your blog with content so that its authenticity can proved in front of Amazon and users. The website should have a decent audience as it will help you a lot as an affiliate marketer. The relation between a large audience and more sales is quite simple. The more the audience you have, the more are your chances of succeeding. The thing you should keep in mind is that you will have to describe the purpose of your website during the application process. So, come up with something unique and useful. You must also keep in mind the target audience and the methods you will bring in the traffic with.

Create your Amazon Associates account:

After you are done creating your blog, it’s time to create a amazon associate account. For doing this, go to amazon associates home page. Clicking on “Join Now For Free” will direct you to a page from where you can create a new account or log into your existing one. After signing into your amazon account, click on “New Customer” and follow the directions.

“Enter the account information”:

On this page, enter the account information. This information also includes the name, address and phone number of the payee.

“Enter Website Address”:

After that enter the address of your website, blog or YouTube channel.

“Enter the store ID”:

Type in the store ID. The store ID is usually same as the name of your website. Then explain your hopes through the website and choose the amazon topics your links will target.

“Explain how you drive traffic”:

Then explain how you bring audience to your website, how you generate money from your site, how you create the links and also tell the number of visitors that come to your website each month.

“Type your phone number”:

The next step is to verify a four-digit code that Amazon will tell you through a phone call. Once you enter the code, your account will be approved.

“Choose payment method”:

You will be asked to choose the payment method. You can also perform this step later.

After you are done with all the steps, you will be sent to your dashboard where you will see the summary of your earnings, clicks and etc. You will use this dashboard for linking products from your content.

How to Create Amazon Affiliate link:

You can earn handsome amount of money through affiliate marketing. The most important step is creating your affiliate link. Let me discuss how you can create your affiliate links in the following:

  • Login to your amazon account.
  • From the top banner, click on product linking and choose product links. This will take you to a page where you can create your links.
  • Then add the ASIN of the product. ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. It is a 10-character code assigned by amazon to the products for verification in amazon’s catalog. You can see the ASIN code in the information section of product’s amazon listing.
  • Then click on the “Go” button. This will generate a page where you can verify that this the product you have intended to promote.
  • After than click on the “Get Link” button on the right side. This will copy your link to clipboard which you can use for promotion.

You can also use amazon associates SiteStripe to generate the affiliate links. It is a simple way of creating affiliate links.

Why Choose Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon affiliate program is a great way to earn money online. You can earn money by recommending your users to buy products from amazon. If a user buys using your affiliate link then you will earn up-to 10% commission. The program sets a cookie in the user’s browser and if the user buys within the life span of cookie, you will earn money. It is a brilliant program for both beginners as well as bloggers with decent traffic on their websites.


Here in this article, we discussed about amazon affiliate program, how you can join it and how you can earn money from it. We also discussed the process of creating affiliate links. We also discussed reasons why you should choose this program. I hope that all of your doubts were cleared. For a free 10 page e-book explaining How To Build an Amazon Niche Site That Makes $1,000/month in 5 months click here.

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