ClickFunnels: How it can help your business?

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What is ClickFunnels?

Do you have a strong entrepreneurial mind and a unique business idea for selling your products online? But you lack coding and design skills. Well don’t worry because you no longer have to hire the technology experts because ClickFunnels is here to save the day for you. It is a tool that can help you market and sell your products online quicker and faster. It is very difficult for a single person to possess skills like coding, designing and marketing at the same time. This is where click funnels comes very handy. It lets you create your own beautiful landing pages. You can also setup email responders on your pages. Using click funnels, you can easily automate your entire sales process.


This software can help you rank your website in the search results. Before talking about ClickFunnels in more detail, it is very important that I put light on the importance of developing a sales funnel for your online business. When you are selling products in-person, it is very important find the right client and build a good connection with your potential buyer. You also have to highlight the value of your product as it increases the chances of getting more sales. But doing all of this in-person requires great struggle whereas doing all of this online require coding, designing and marketing skills. But due to the presence of click funnels, you no longer have to be a jack of all trades because you can build your sales funnel is just three simple steps which I have mentioned in the following:
You need to choose from a variety of pre-designed templates for your product.
Then select the page design according to your preferences.
And the last step is to make all the necessary changes before finalizing and publishing your page.

ClickFunnels Is Easy!

ClickFunnels is like a plug and play setup for building your sales funnel. Gone are the days when you had to sit with web developers for hours explaining them the design you need. Because with ClickFunnels in the market, its just a matter of minutes creating your own sales funnel. The pre-designed templates play a vital role in succeeding your B2B or B2C businesses online. Alongside letting you create your own sales funnel, it also provides some other extra ordinary features as well.

How can ClickFunnels help your business?

Creating a sales funnel is a very difficult and time taking process but Click funnel has made it super easy. You can manage everything using a single platform. You can setup everything on your landing using the ClickFunnels.
The following tasks I have explained have become very much easier due to ClickFunnels.

Website Hosting:

You can easily manage your website hosting using click Funnel.
Landing Page Design:
As we have already discussed earlier, you can create beautiful landing pages using the tool.

more information about webhosting here.

A/B Testing: Using the ClickFunnels, you can easily setup the A/B testing.

Email Autoresponder: You can create automatic email responses that can help your business attract more visitors.

Affiliate Management: It can fulfil all your affiliate management needs.
Integrated Payment Methods:
You can use integrated payment systems such as PayPal and Stripe.

Training Materials:

Very helpful training materials are also provided by ClickFunnels.

Cost-Effective: Its cost effectiveness is the biggest trait behind its huge success. We will be discussing more about ClickFunnels cost later in the article.
That is not it, click funnel can also help you create your own affiliate program for your website.

ClickFunnels Cost:

The standard click funnel plan costs $97 whereas the premium package costs $297 per month. You can gain access to all the features by joining the ClickFunnels. These features include:

  1. ClickFunnels– Small funnel builder.
  2. Simple webpage builder– Etison Editor
  3. Easy to use Affiliate systems – known as Backpack
  4. Actionetics– Follow up funnels

ClickFunnels member community

The click funnel is a highly cost-effective solution. Every business from small level to large level can buy click Funnels due to its reasonable price. You can start with a 14-Day free trial so you can make up your mind and after that it starts with $97 per month. The standard click funnel package, you can manage up to 20,000 visitors, 3 custom domains and up to 20 funnels. This is the best package if your business is based on a small scale. Whereas the platinum package has no limits. If you are looking to build unlimited number of funnels than you might want to scale up and choose the ClickFunnels etison suite package. This package costs $297 per month. Using this package, you can create unlimited number of funnels and pages. And you can handle any number of audiences much easier.

You can also manage a unlimited number of custom domains. I will recommend that you start with the small package first and once your business starts to get more traffic and you feel the need for building more funnels than you can switch to the Etison Package. And if you change your mind after signing up on ClickFunnel, you can leave it and no one will cost you any penalties. So, it is simply a win-win situation in any case.

What Else Does Clickfunnels offer?

The top affiliates can share funnel feature to add more funnels to their accounts. You will also gain access to an email autoresponder by subscribing to the platinum plan using the follow up funnels feature. You can setup action funnels using the follow up funnel features to send automatic responses to the emails you receive. In addition to these features, you will also gain access to the Click Funnel’s affiliate system if you subscribe to the Etison program. So, you can create your own affiliate programs and boost up your sales. And the last but not the least, is the newest edition to the ClickFunnel packages, known as ClickFunnels collective plans.

This plan gives you access to all the features in just a surprising price of $1497 per month. This plan will get you access to live phone call support, funnel frameworks access and the funnel fix all access pass as well. In addition to all these features, you will also get access to 4 live events including the 2 comma club momentum events, the inner circle cruise and the unlock the secrets events. There was also a small purchase plan available at a very cheap rate. This plan costed only $19 per month. It was called share funnel plan. But unfortunately, this plan has been discontinued and is no longer available.

How the value is worth it?

I can assure you that the value is worth more than the monthly price. Because in just $197, you will gain access to a number of features including A/B testing, landing page creation, pre-designed templates and many more. Plus, you will also be able to manage a number of audience and web hosting. Click funnel will also help you to easily get your website ranked on the search results. So, in every case, the value is totally worth the monthly price.


We discussed the different features click funnel provides and we also discussed the features that can help you boost up your sales. I hope that all of your doubts about sale funnel strategy and click funnels were cleared and a sense of comfortability must have been created in your mind after reading this article. Just know that you will have a great time using the ClickFunnel. Meet you in the next article, till then keep boosting your sales using click funnels.

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